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Do you find yourself always rooting for the bad guy in movies/tv shows? Do you secretly have an obsession with a villain you know you shouldn't? Well this is the blog for you! Sumit any confession, whatever fandom it may be from. Whether it is a popular or an unpopular opinion, all confessions are welcome.

Please note: these opinions are not my own.


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"Maybe it’s because I have a thing for Michael Pitt  but I couldn’t resist having a thing for Mason Verger despite the fact he is a despicable human being and slightly disturbing."
"Even though the Nolan Batman movies are over, I hope David Tennant plays The Riddler one day, he would absolutely be brilliant as The Riddler"
"I want to fuck Hannibal Lecter in the new NBC series."
"While watching Teen Wolf, all I can think when I see Peter is, "Will you bite me and mate with me?" He’s a sexy-as-hell man."
"I find David from "The Lost Boys" incredibly charismatic and attractive. If he invited me to join his vampire gang, I would without a doubt."

Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to access this Tumblr. I’ve tried to save what was left of the confessions in my ask box but most of them have been deleted by Tumblr for some reason so for that, I’m going to be re-opening the ask box!

"As long as he doesn’t hurt me or cut my ear off, I would totally let Mr. Blonde tie me to a chair and do unspeakable things to me."
“I feel really guilty about having feelings for Alex DeLarge. I mean, he’s a serial rapist with violent tendencies, but good god something about him drives me crazy and I can’t quite point it out!”
"Before sleeping I always imagine how August Rosenbluth, Hans Landa & Chudnofsky are fucking the shit out of me in a delicious gang bang! I know they’re all Christoph Waltz but I just love the imagination."
"I’m in love with Benedict’s Khan."
"When I saw Batman Begins for the first time, I fell in love with Jonathan Crane. I especially loved his eyes."
"I love Alan Rickman in Closet Land. I know it’s a serious film and a bit horrible and stuff, but I’m sorry I just can’t help it. I’d let him interrogate me any day."
"Dracula as a fictional character. And all the wonderful dodgy interpretations that entails - Louis Jourdan and Christopher Lee vying for top spot there. They are both sexy as hell."
"Katharine Isabelle in American Mary. Enough is said"